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Ariana String Quartet


If you are considering the Ariana String Quartet for your function, please enter your details in the appropriate fields below, and we will respond promptly to your requests. If you would prefer not to use the contact form you can always email or phone us directly.

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    What needs to be provided at the venue?
    The quartet will require sufficient space to be able to play, (minimum of 4m x 3m), 4 ordinary chairs without arms, and adequate lighting.  If the venue is likely not to be able to provide good lighting please notify us in advance and we can provide individual stand lighting.

    How long can you play for and what does it cost?
    Our minimum length engagement is 1.5 hours from £550. A typical 3 hour engagement might cover a wedding ceremony and drinks reception, or a reception and wedding breakfast  £570 – £600 (depending on location).  A ceremony, reception and wedding breakfast typically lasts 4 – 4½ hours.  Please enquire for a quote.

    Will the musicians need to take a break?
    Yes, we usually take a break of around 20 minutes during a 3 hour engagement.  Whenever possible we arrange the breaks to coincide with a change of location ie from the reception area to the dining room.

    How far do you travel?
    There is no limit on distance, but long distances will be taken into consideration when agreeing a fee.

    Can you play outdoors?
    We certainly aim to whenever possible, but unfortunately we are dependent on the weather!  We are not able to play outside during rain.  We are equally fussy if the sun is too hot (as varnish on the instruments is very vulnerable to heat) but as long as there is a shady corner or tree to sit under we are happy to do so.

    What do you wear?
    Our usual dress code is black unless otherwise requested.  

    Can you arrange any piece of music?
    Given sufficient notice and as long as the music lends itself to a quartet arrangement this is generally possible.  An additional fee is often required for this service. 

    Will the quartet require refreshments?
    Yes please.  Soft drinks are required during the event plus sandwiches (with vegetarian option) when appropriate (ie for longer engagements or when the quartet has travelled some distance).

    What happens if a player from the quartet is unable to play on the day?
    Inevitably there will be occasions when an Ariana player is unavailable to play on a particular day. However, in the event of this happening a deputy musician of equal calibre will be engaged. We use only players known to us and who are familiar with our repertoire.